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The Importance of Knowing Your Organization’s Identities Before Deploying Identity Solutions

Updated: Nov 10


In line with the “Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust Assessment” (or CARTA) approach discussed by Gartner for years, AuthMind provides continuous mapping of identities and risks in today’s complex environments. Being everywhere all the time, AuthMind embraces this strategic approach in order to provide organizations with a truly accurate picture of their identity-related security posture.


The vast majority of identity solutions secure KNOWN identities – resulting in a false notion of security in an environment that inevitably and constantly changes. Directory-based identity solutions are a step in the right direction, but they still fall far short of providing comprehensive protection because they remain limited to securing identities that were present only during a previous snapshot in time.


Powered by patent-pending access-neural-network technology, AuthMind correlates identity and network access information in native cloud, hybrid and on-premises networks, and as an agent-free cloud solution, it’s deployable in as little as 10 minutes – creating an opportunity to instantly gain unmatched visibility for nearly any organization. That visibility translates into the ability to discover changes and notify/remediate as necessary.


It’s real-time visibility where it counts most. That’s why AuthMind has chosen to point out that, “Hackers don’t hack in, they login.” C-levels, board members and top IT executives embrace this CARTA approach for identity-related security due to its powerful mixture of proactiveness, intelligence and automation. It closes security gaps and can greatly reduce operational costs for your SOC – a win-win for all.


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