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Identity Awareness: The Importance of Identity First Security

Updated: Dec 13


AuthMind stands out in a crowded cybersecurity space by offering organizations an easily managed yet powerful platform for preventing potentially devastating identity-related risks from turning into disasters. Countless organizations spanning nearly every industry fall victim to attacks due to significant vulnerabilities, including shadow identities, missing MFA, compromised identities as well as poor authentication quality – and AuthMind is a clear innovator in attacking these head on.


Additionally, however, as Gartner stated in its March 2021 announcement: “Identity-first security puts identity at the center of security”. It’s important to gain a firm grasp of what identities you have in the first place and know what they are actually doing to gain proper security. By mapping out the identities as an initial step as well as on a continuous basis, organizations are empowered with a starting point that paints a true picture of your identities. Clearly, it’s vital to know what are your identities, what they access, when and how, before you can ever actually manage it, let alone securely and consistently.


AuthMind calls this initial mapping a unique “identity awareness” capability, that stands as an important, foundational use case for the AuthMind platform. Organizations can even find themselves surprised at what’s found or not found, potentially citing the mapping capabilities as one of AuthMind’s most immediately obvious benefits.


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