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Cybersecurity Industry Continues to Point to Identity Protection as Needed Focus to Combat Attacks

Updated: Sep 22


A recent BankInfoSecurity article included an interview with a top cybersecurity executive, and it outlines an ever-growing theme within the sector – that identities must get the attention they deserve when creating a robust protection plan.


The article even quotes the executive as labeling identity protection as an “untapped opportunity,” and says the size of that opportunity closely mirrors that of the endpoint detection and response market that started years back. Indeed, by prioritizing identity protection, organizations gain visibility into potential threats that previously may or may not have been noticed in time to prevent massive headaches.


"With close to 80% of cyberattacks leveraging identity-based tactics to compromise legitimate credentials and using techniques like lateral movement to quickly evade detection, identity protection is core to stopping breaches,” the executive recently told investors.


It’s this obvious connection between successful attacks and unauthorized or unsanctioned credential use that mandates a holistic and even omniscient approach to identity-related activities across an ENTIRE organization, not to mention the need to automatically remediate as needed and efficiently communicate that need with employees.


As highlighted in an April 2022 AuthMind blog, the cybersecurity industry needs to address the human factor that leads to identity-related threats. Without looking at the actual activities of an identity, there’s no real way to know if the activities themselves are legit. People download new tools and apps. They store data using unmanaged or disallowed services, etc. The list goes on and on of what can be done by an identity – regardless of whether the intentions are good or bad. Constant vigilance is only possible through that visibility that is mostly nonexistent in most cybersecurity platforms – they’re just too deterministic to get the job done. It seems like big names in the industry are figuring that out.


After all, at AuthMind has continually said that “hackers don’t hack in, they log in.” To set up a time to discuss the many ways that AuthMind’s identity threat detection and response (ITDR) platform can be a protection powerhouse and gamechanger for your organization, contact AuthMind today.