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Companies Are Riding Blind If Shadow Usage of SaaS Apps Remains Unchecked

Updated: May 30


Have a large file you need to share? Need some temporary storage space for a project? Most people think nothing of the millisecond-decision to sign up for a free or low-cost SaaS service to help solve the need. It’s almost a decision that doesn’t even seem like a decision at all. It’s just convenient, plain and simple.


Rather, most employees likely just see a quick SaaS service usage as a logistical necessity – much like a stapler, folder or the desk they work at each and every day. It’s just there. But SaaS apps, as seemingly benign as they may seem, are far from a fully safe tool – especially if they’re a “shadow app” that IT and others don’t know is involved in their business. Is sensitive data at stake? Are an executive’s credentials compromised? You have to know what people are using in order to effectively secure them.


Now, multiply that scenario by hundreds or thousands, depending on the size of your business, and SaaS apps begin to serve as a large, notable hole in the cybersecurity posture of the business. This blindness illustrates the need to be an identity-first organization. Companies don’t need to be policing employees and making them nervous, but they do need to properly monitor SaaS app usage and have the right tools in place to efficiently and effectively do so.


AuthMind prides itself on its all-encompassing visibility via its continuous mapping of all actual activity, including the discovery of all shadow usage of SaaS apps such as Dropbox, etc. By tracking thousands of corporate SaaS apps and flagging any usage, organizations can not only be informed about the usage itself, but then decide what happens next.


Additionally, AuthMind enables organizations to gain intelligence they never previously had at their fingertips. For example, large businesses can see patterns surrounding the usage or attempted usage of SaaS apps and make decisions that help further streamline and secure their overall operations. It’s yet another example of how AuthMind’s unique approach to identity-based threats serves as a business enabler – unlike many piecemeal tools that have a reputation as simply being a cost center for the organization.


AuthMind arms businesses with the continuous visibility and discovery capabilities that they need to protect against ever-growing identity-based threats. Contact us today to schedule a demo of the AuthMind platform for your business.