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Are Your Identity Tools Doing Their Job? Detect Unauthorized Activity in Real Time!

Updated: Aug 22


We’re proud to label AuthMind as the cybersecurity industry’s first-ever Identity SecOps platform, as it uniquely combines the identification of blind spots, real-time detection of exposures and vulnerabilities in an identity infrastructure, and discovery of dangerous identity systems misconfigurations that can lead to unauthorized activity.


The AuthMind Identity SecOps Platform is the first solution to offer all these capabilities – and this is because of AuthMind’s visibility into all accesses throughout the integrated on-prem, SaaS, and cloud environments that are used today.


But what is “unauthorized access” in the first place? Let’s look at a few examples:

  • Zero Trust Solutions - A business can deploy a zero-trust solution – and it can work well – but organizations still need a tool that tells IT teams if all the access to the network is taking place through the zero-trust solution and that no one is bypassing it. Most organizations don’t know the answer to this question. Or they think they do, but they’re not sure. That’s not a comfortable spot for any CISO. IT and security leaders need to know if something is somehow overlooked, if someone has a backdoor, or if someone has access that they may otherwise not know about. A zero-trust solution is not capable of addressing this question.


  • Decommissioned Assets - Businesses are constantly moving assets to or across the cloud and decommissioning old assets. A business may have assets that are still in an old data center, for example, as part of such a process. It needs to somehow be confirmed that no one is accessing decommissioned or “forgotten” assets.

  • Privileged Access Tools & Crown Jewels - While organizations are using privileged access tools to secure access to crown jewels, it needs to be validated that no one is bypassing those tools and there is no unauthorized activity. The organization must know that its identity infrastructure is doing its intended job and confirm that no one is somehow gaining access to crown jewels without the proper usage of a privileged access tool in the first place.


There is a need to identify unauthorized activity in real-time so that IT and security teams can act quickly. They need to secure their crown jewels such as billing systems, HR platforms, customer data, intellectual property, VPN access (no one’s bypassing it), and more. It’s crucial to make sure that only authorized people access the authorized data at the time intended, using the protocols intended, and that nothing else has happened.


AuthMind is releasing a set of capabilities to do all of this in minutes (if not seconds). Out of the box, AuthMind customers can easily define policies and use playbooks that identify if zero-trust tools are being bypassed or if people are bypassing VPNs, accessing decommissioned assets or crown jewels, etc. AuthMind can also determine if people are using public VPNs or IP anonymizers – tools that people shouldn’t be using.


Examples of basic playbooks offered by AuthMind:


Unauthorized Asset Access – Monitor and alert on access to assets outside of business hours, unauthorized identities, or other assets. Below are a few usage examples for this playbook:

  • Direct access to your assets not through the VPN.

  • Access to assets not using your zero-trust tool.

  • Direct access to assets not using designated privileged access security tools.

  • Access to sensitive assets by unauthorized users and protocols or in times that access is not allowed.

  • Access to/from unauthorized countries – monitor and alert on communications between assets to and from countries found in a blacklist.

  • Access from a Public VPN service – monitor and alert on access to assets through public VPN services.

  • Access from an anonymous IP – monitor and alert on communication to assets from anonymous IPs (e.g., TOR).

  • Deviation in daily asset activity – monitor and alert on changes in the normal behavior of assets from day to day.


AuthMind is unique in that it is not a mere checkmark / check box compliance tool – it’s a comprehensive platform that indicates in real-time what is happening. A policy can be created, that policy can be given to the AuthMind platform, and it will verify that nothing is happening outside of said policy. Or, if an issue arises, it helps remediate it. AuthMind sees the accesses and activity throughout the organization. To schedule an AuthMind demo, click here.