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Addressing Identity-Related Threats Correctly: It’s a Business Enabler and Cost Saver

Updated: Jul 21


A clear theme among our customers, particularly during periods where we are more budget constrained, may be surprising to some. Of course, organizations turn to AuthMind to enhance their cybersecurity posture by addressing the root cause of many attacks (identity-related incidents), but they are also equally as determined to make sure their business runs smoothly and efficiently.


It's this identity-first approach to running a business that turns into one of the most profoundly important tools for efficiency efforts. Afterall, we see constant media reports suggesting ways that businesses can tighten their belts during hard times. If a business can evaluate, deploy and manage a powerful identity and asset posture mapping and remediation system, they’ve created a foundation of consistency for so many aspects of their business that they’ve impacted (and improved – and even streamlined) their processes in departments spanning accounting to development to human resources, etc. Identity-first approaches shine brightly especially when outside economic conditions may be influencing an organization.


Let’s take a specific, simple example to illustrate this ongoing trend that links general economic challenges with a desire to optimize operations. AuthMind can bring considerable cost savings through discovering, on an ongoing basis, all of the service accounts that have not been active during a set period of time. Our customer not only learns what’s not being used and can address it from a security perspective, but they can also reduce expenses by no longer using the associated computing power and also by discontinuing related licenses and subscriptions. Additionally, a business can literally visualize important trends that significantly impact bottom lines. Have a license for 1,000 users, but only have 650 actively using the service? The obvious value quickly shows through.


This intelligence is powerful – and the above example reinforces this ongoing theme that AuthMind hears customers voice – an expected demand for tighter security, but also a distinct determination to maximize efficiencies. The AuthMind platform doesn’t just report on and help automatically fix identity-related threats, it’s a foundational tool for making businesses more effective at what they do best. That’s even more important when teetering on a potential recession.


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