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AuthMind & Splunk: A Leap in ISPM and ITDR

Updated: Dec 7

We’re thrilled to announce that AuthMind is effectively using our recent round of funding by introducing a significant enhancement to our platform! AuthMind now supports seamless integration with Splunk, a leading platform for security event and information management (SIEM). By integrating with Splunk, AuthMind can leverage the vast amount of data already collected by Splunk to discover and remediate identity threats and posture issues more swiftly than alternative identity security solutions in the market.

AuthMind can now directly query the Splunk API for relevant logs. The integration is seamless, requiring no additional components to be installed by the customer. We’re proud to announce that Splunk Cloud and Splunk Enterprise are fully supported. Furthermore, we’re committed to expanding our capabilities and plan to extend support to additional SIEMs in the near future. (And, of course, we continue to offer our full standard deployment option to customers who don’t have a SIEM in place.)


Splunk serves as a powerful tool for collecting vast amounts of data. And we’ve found in our discussions with customers that identity and threat teams often wish to more fully leverage its capabilities. Enterprises often lack the expertise to extract meaningful identity insights from their SIEM deployments, or their security analysts may be preoccupied with other high-priority projects. In some cases, what needs to be prioritized is not even clear. This is where AuthMind comes in. 


Our integration with Splunk helps transform the data collected into actionable insights for identity and threat teams. Unlike a DIY (do it yourself) solution built on top of a SIEM, AuthMind provides immediate value, delivering critical identity insights within the first hours of deployment. This allows teams to focus on addressing identity threats and posture issues rather than wrestling with data, making AuthMind a more efficient and effective solution for identity security.

Here are some of the top use cases that AuthMind’s integration with Splunk can uncover:


Improve the security posture of your identity stack. AuthMind provides identity teams with comprehensive identity security posture management (ISPM), helping them pinpoint identity-oriented vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, such as users who access company applications from a local account bypassing SSO and MFA controls.


Detect and respond to identity threats. AuthMind also offers comprehensive identity threat detection and response (ITDR) capabilities to address identity-specific threats, such as attacks against an organization’s identity infrastructure and attacks involving compromised identities.


Enable identity-first Zero Trust. AuthMind enables an identity-first zero trust approach by identifying and rectifying authentication misconfigurations and providing visibility into unauthorized asset access, ensuring alignment with your organization’s zero trust policies.


Validate PAM controls. AuthMind helps validate privileged access management (PAM) controls by monitoring privileged activities and detecting deviations from established policies.


AuthMind’s integration with SIEM solutions such as Splunk is a game-changer for identity and threat teams. It not only simplifies the process of extracting meaningful insights from vast amounts of data but also provides immediate value by delivering critical identity insights swiftly.


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