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don’t hack in.
They login.


Prevent your next identity-related
cyberattack with the AuthMind platform. It works anywhere
and deploys in minutes.


AuthMind Named a 2022 Gartner® Cool Vendor 


AuthMind Arms Organizations with Continuous Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR), Across Your Identity Infrastructure and Beyond to Protect Against Today’s Identity-Based Threat


As we use a growing number of applications and systems, spanning different environments (cloud, SaaS apps, on-premises, etc.), it’s clear that keeping them secure is more challenging than ever. Traditional security tools are prone to misconfiguration and human error that often leave the organization exposed to risk. The answer is to look beyond an organization’s identity infrastructure. 

AuthMind is the only ITDR solution that provides you with end-to-end visibility into user activity across the integrated application landscape. By continuously mapping all access flows across all applications, AuthMind uniquely detects and remediates previously hidden security gaps such as shadow access, exposed assets, compromised identities, unknown SaaS apps, shadow accesses, lack of MFA, and much more.  

Easily deployed without any agents or clients, AuthMind works in any cloud or network. It extends your existing cybersecurity solutions by analyzing and delivering actionable identity risk information that is critical for securing your operations.


Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR)

AuthMind is the industry’s first platform designed to continuously discover identity security exposures and vulnerabilities across the organization's identity and access infrastructure.


Detection of Critical
Identity-Related Blind Spots

AuthMind is the industry’s only solution that ensures full visibility and coverage to identify exposures and threats by detecting identity-related blind spots that were missed by your identity infrastructure. Powered by patent-pending access neural network technology, AuthMind keeps you aware of any identity-related exposures and vulnerabilities in any environment - cloud or on-premises.


Security Response Automation for Threat Prevention

AuthMind gives you the tools and the confidence you need to quickly remediate critical identity risks. By detecting threats as they happen, and providing detailed information about the incidents (what happened, when, and how it happened, etc.), it enables users to effectively respond to any incident via customizable business-focused playbooks.

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Use Cases

Identity Awareness

It's identity first. Create

a foundational starting point from which to work - your identity & access posture. 

Shadow Access

Discover hidden and forgotten access pathways to business-critical applications.

Exposed Assets

Discover active internet-facing applications that can be exploited by hackers.

Shadow IT Access

Discover who is using shadow IT and how -- including unknown SaaS apps, native cloud and on-premise applications.

Missing MFA

Discover applications access that lack the needed multi-factor authentication.

Compromised Identities

Discover access to applications using identities that have been exposed on the dark web.

Authentication Quality and Security 

Automatically identify and alert on your organization's authentication infrastructure gaps.


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